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Models are valued members of my team! My shop couldn't be what it is today without them. I will continue to host model searches on Instagram, in addition to year-round recruiting through this form. If you are interested in joining the team, you may submit the form below.


  • Support the shop! This includes interacting with us on Instagram, posting about our products, and engaging with the team.

  • Post photos wearing your PPC gear! Duh.

  • Love our brand. We are focused on adventure, building a bond with your dog, and protecting the environment. If this sounds like you - we'd love to have you.


  • You support us, we support you! This includes participation in your giveaways, and the ability to earn free products when your code is used.

  • Receive a personal discount code special to models, so you can stock up on PPC gear ;) ... you know you want to!

  • Be a part of a team. Participate in chats about products, sales, etc.

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Apply to join the Pacific Paws Pack:

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