Introducing the Adventure Series! Made with biothane, these dog collars are stink-proof, water-proof, and just generally ready for everything your dog will throw at it. These are the preorder colors - once I receive an order for the color, I will order it and you can expect your collar in about 3-4 weeks from time of order. The collar will be the standard 1.5" collar with a buckle and strapkeeper. The buckle hardware is solid brass, and the silver version is then nickel plated


Sizing: these collars come with 6 holes, spaced 0.5" apart. Choose the neck size range that will work best for you. Generally speaking, the neck size of your dog should fall in the middle of the range. But if you prefer a looser fit, you can select a range with your dog's neck size toward the smaller end.


For smaller dogs with smaller neck sizes, please stay tuned for the 3/4" width collar! The way I make these collars just doesn't work very well on the smaller sizes in this width.

Preorder colors! 1.5” Biothane Dog Collar

Collar Size
  • All collars are custom made and will be adjustable. Message me for additional or fewer holes! How to measure your pup’s neck size:
    Option 1: Measure your dog’s neck using a soft tape measure around the area you like the collar to sit. 
    Option 2: Use a string if you do not have a soft tape measure, and measure the length of the string.
    Option 3: Use a collar that fits them well, unbuckle it and lay it flat, and measure the length from the female end of the buckle to the edge of the fabric (not the other buckle).


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