This sticker is perfect for nature enthusiasts who like to explore with their furry hiking buddies. This design was hand-drawn by Arien.


Choose CAR VINYL if you would like a sticker for your car window (or coffee mug) that can withstand weather/washing. It currently only comes in glossy white and black. 


Choose LAPTOP DECAL if you would like a sticker for your laptop or other surface that you might like to remove without mess. Can be used on a water bottle if hand washed carefully and not soaked. This comes in several color options shown in the second photo, and holographic.

Mountain Paw Sticker

Sticker Type
Size of Longest Edge
    1. Clean the surface you will be applying the decal to, and make sure it is dry.
    2. Use a credit card to ensure that the clear top layer (transfer tape) is firmly attached to the decal.
    3. Peal off the back, carefully making sure the decal remains stuck on the transfer tape.
    4. Use the transfer tape to line the decal up on the surface and press down from the middle outward. 
    5. Use a credit card to ensure the decal is fully stuck to the surface.
    6. Carefully remove transfer tape at a 45* angle, making sure the decal does not lift up with the tape. Try to protect the decal from getting wet for at least 24 hours.




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