The minimalist climbing rope dog leash has a built in rope handle and one clip for attaching to your dog's collar/harness. You may add an additional floating ring to the handle. This leash comes in custom lengths, measured from the clip to the handle (including both the handle and the clip). Pictured with Minimalist Rope Ends and a small floating ring (3/4" inside diameter). The large ring is ~1.25" inside diameter.


******* Climbing Rope Leash Series *******

Introducing our new line of climbing rope dog leashes! Climbing rope is trusted to support climbers on jagged rock walls in all weather, so it can handle anything you and your dog throw at it. The Minimalist Leash is a standard leash with a rope handle on one end and a clip on the other. It can be customized to any length desired, or combined with a splitter to walk two dogs. The Timberline Leash is a convertible leash that can be used 8+ ways. If you can dream it, this leash can do it. It comes with clips on both ends and can be used for one or two dogs, or with the Timberline interchangeable handles. The Skyline Leash is an elegant twist on the standard leash, and allows for some fashion choices. It comes with a ring on one end which is compatible with the Skyline handles. These handles can be changed out to match your mood or your dog's collar, and the handle can be used as a short training tab. The Altitude Leash gives your dog more distance... it's a long line! Choose from several lengths and whether you'd like a handle (like the Minimalist series), second bolt clip (like the Timberline series), ring (like the Skyline series), or a blunt end. Our climbing rope leashes are coated in the same adventure spray as our collars to make them that much more adventure-ready and easy to clean. Other Information The green/silver and green/black rope is bluesign® approved; meaning that its manufacturing used 62% less CO2, 89% less water, 63% less energy consumption and 63% less chemicals compared to common ropes. It is also dry coated, so it is resistant to absorbing water. The black hardware is powdercoated, meaning that over time the black can and likely will rub off in some places. Particularly where the metal rubs on other metal. If this will bother you, choose the silver alternative (nickel plated). Both colors are stainless steel underneath the coatings. ***PPC is not responsible for misuse of this product. This leash should be used with supervision and inspected for strength as time goes on.

The Minimalist - Standard Dog Leash // Climbing Rope Dog Leash

Handle: Floating O-Ring
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