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Only the best for your best friend


Virtual Care Card


We know your gear will go everywhere! Metal can be tricky when exposed to salt water, so be mindful of this and rinse all gear exposed to salt water as soon after exposure as you can. 


- Fabric Gear (Collars, Wristlets, etc) -

All fabric collars are treated with a pet-friendly, eco-friendly adventure spray. This protects the fabric from staining. Simply wash the collar in the sink with soap and water after your it becomes dirty. Scrub gently if needed. Once clean, lay flat or hang to dry.


- Biothane Collars & Leashes -

Wash with soap and water in the sink, and towel dry. The hardware on these collars is solid brass. This metal is ready for adventure and shouldn't require any special treatment.   

- Climbing Rope Gear -

The climbing rope is coated with the same adventure spray as the fabric products, and it was made for the outdoors! Simply wash in the sink the same way as the fabric gear, and hang to dry.

- Tags -

Brass - can be cleaned with lemon juice or ketchup. 

Copper - can be cleaned with a 1C water to 1T salt mixture 

Aluminum - can be cleaned with vinegar and water (1:1 mixture)

If the black ink comes out of the letters, you can use a sharpie to reapply. Wipe excess sharpie off with rubbing alcohol on a paper towel.


ECO is not responsible for misuse of our products, or damage caused by misuse. Your dog should always be supervised when wearing collars, leashes, etc. We do not recommend unsupervised use, and these products are not intended for tie-outs or wearing within their kennel. Please inspect gear before use and make sure the buckle is still functional, or the strength of the item is maintaining.

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