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  • How do I measure my dog's neck size?
    Please refer to the Size Guide.
  • Do you offer returns and exchanges?
    Most items are not eligible due to the custom nature of my shop, but I may be able to offer a return with a restocking fee depending on the item. I want you to be happy with your order, and customer satisfaction is a priority for me. That said, all items are custom-made to your specifications when I receive your order. This makes returns and exchanges difficult for some items, due to the custom nature of my shop. Please measure your pet carefully before ordering to ensure the accuracy of your order. Most items are non-returnable, but I may be able to offer exchanges, depending on the item. Please contact me so I can determine eligibility on a case by case basis. If applicable, an exchange must be requested within 14 days of receiving the item, and the item must be mailed back in new/unused/undamaged condition. Returns/exchanges must be approved prior to mailing it back to me, and are subject to a restocking fee. Buyer is responsible for the shipping back to me, and the return value will exclude the original shipping cost of mailing the item to you, and the payment processing fee, and restocking fee. Please request the exchange via DM on instagram or via email ​ In event of shop error, I will send you a new item, no cost to you. If an exchange is initiated, the buyer is responsible for the shipping of the returned item, as well as the shipping of the replacement item. I do not charge shipping on US orders, but that policy is not applied to exchanges as their is additional cost associated with shipping a second item. Please contact me if you have questions.
  • Are your products good quality?
    Yes! Quality is a strong emphasis of my shop. I do not shortcut quality in order to get materials for cheap, in fact, I spend a lot on my materials. For the waterproof line, I use authentic BioThane material and solid brass hardware, down to the Chicago screws and leash clips, and even the D-rings! Solid brass is corrosion resistant and while it should be cleaned after salt-water exposure, it is a good option for beach-going doggies. Every bit of these collars and leashes are quality and ready for a messy adventure. For the fabric and eco canvas lines, I use mildew resistant webbing cores, strong uv resistant threads (color matched to the fabric!), and solid brass d-rings. The plastic buckles are YKK brand, and the metal buckles are Alu-Max. The collars are coated with an adventure spray to help them stand the test of time and reduce staining. The martingale chains for both lines are stainless steel (black silver and gold options).
  • Can my dog wear your products unattended?
    No! My products are only intended for use with supervision. Collars can become caught on things and pose strangulation hazards. Dogs can get their teeth stuck in each others' collars and injure or kill each other by accident. Tags can become twisted into floor air vents or crates. The list goes on... If you aren't watching your dog, take the collar off (o-ring collars included). Even with proper use, a leash can become unclipped or a collar can unbuckle. Things happen, and it is your responsibility to keep your pet supervised and safe. If your dog would bolt if the collar or leash accidentally unclips - consider using a back up so you are protected from this. Injury caused by a collar/tag/leash or other product is not the responsibility of Ethos Canine Outfitters or Arien Widrick. Please keep your furry ones safe.
  • What if I want to order a gift and I can't ask for the neck size?
    It's best to get the neck size to ensure a proper fit before ordering. I would recommend checking out the gift cards instead! If this is not possible, contact me and we will work together to make sure the item fits. You won't be able to order any of the non-adjustable items, but if you know the breed, can estimate size, or have a photo of the dog, I can estimate the size and create a collar that is adjustable over the range of neck sizes that I think will fit that particular dog. When I know it is a gift I can sometimes add extra room to account for the estimate in size. This works best for the fabric and eco canvas collars. Remember the returns policy though, as custom items are not eligible for return, and I cannot guarantee it will fit without a proper neck measurement.
  • Can I use your products with a stake out?
    No! My products are not rated for use with a stake out/tie out or other long line fixed to an immovable object. The force generated by a dog going from zero to sprinting, especially when allowed to do so on a long line, is enough to break a collar, or hurt the dog.
  • How do I order a puppy collar?
    Select the collar you are interested in, and usually I recommend the 3/4" width. Some puppies are big though and you can get away with the 1" width! Also depends on the age. For a collar that is 3/4" width, you can enter 8-12", 9-14", or 10-15" in the neck size box. The 1" width collars are not as good for the small neck sizes, and I would recommend only selecting this option if their neck size is 10" or greater.
  • What does "adventure-ready" mean?"
    All fabric products that leave my shop are coated with an eco-friendly waterproofing spray. Basically this means that the fabrics have a little bit of extra protection against the elements and are more resistant to staining. If your dog gets muddy, the collar will get muddy too, but just rinse with water in the sink and watch the collar go back to new condition! This layer should last 4-6 washes. Further, our biothane products are the ultimate adventure gear. Stink proof, and washes and dries off within seconds.
  • How do I wash my gear?
    For most items, just rinse with soap and water in the sink and either lay flat or hang to dry. It's that simple! See our About Page for the Virtual Care Card for more info.
  • Will BioThane discolor?
    It can! Especially the lighter colors. They can react to the brass and turn a different color where the metal is touching it. This discoloration will not impact the functionality, but if it will bother you, choose darker colors! Sometimes even a darker shade of biothane can stain a lighter one too. Just something to be mindful of when choosing colors. Neons are particularly bad about picking up colors from other things they touch, and can become stained. Carefully store your collars and leashes preventing neon colors from being stored against white or light colors.
  • How do I write a review for something I bought?
    Head to the reviews page to submit your review! Thank you for supporting my small business.
  • How can my dog become a model/be featured on the website?
    For model searches, see our Instagram page (@ethoscanineoutfitters). We host 1-3 searches a year, and models receive special discount codes. The best way to be featured: is to email me high quality photos to for a chance to be featured on the website, Instagram, or Facebook pages!
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