Frequently asked questions

How do I measure my dog's neck size?

Use a soft tape measure to measure your dog's neck. If you do not have a soft tape measure, you can take one of their well fitting collars and lay it flat against a ruler. Measure the collar from the outside of the female end of the buckle, to the *inside* of the male end of the buckle. In other words, only include one of the ends of the buckle in your measurement. Finally, a third option is to use a piece of string around your dog's neck and marking the end where it overlaps the beginning of the string. Then measure the length of string with a ruler.

What if I want to order a gift and I can't ask for the neck size?

No problem! Contact me and we will work together to make sure the item fits. If you know the breed, can estimate size, or have a photo of the dog, I can estimate the size and create a collar that is adjustable over the range of neck sizes that I think will fit that particular dog. All items are adjustable, but when I know it is a gift I can add extra room to account for the estimate in size. As always, I offer exchanges for improperly fitting items.

What does "adventure-ready" mean?

All fabric products that leave my shop are coated with an eco-friendly waterproofing spray. Basically this means that the fabrics have a little bit of extra protection against the elements and are more resistant to staining. If your dog gets muddy, the collar will get muddy too, but just rinse with water in the sink and watch the collar go back to new condition! This layer should last 4-6 washes. Further, our biothane products are the ultimate adventure gear. Stink proof, and washes and dries off within seconds.

How do I wash my gear?

For most items, just rinse with soap and water in the sink and either lay flat or hang to dry. It's that simple! See our About Page for the Virtual Care Card for more info.

What does my money go towards when I purchase from Ethos?

First and foremost, your money goes directly back into the shop to purchase new patterns, design new products, and restock supplies. I love creating new things. The money also helps support me and my two dogs - Nowda and Finn! Thank you for supporting my dream! When you buy from a small shop, every purchase results in a happy dance... :)

How can my dog become a model/be featured on the website?

For model searches, see our Instagram page (@pacificpawsco). We host 1-3 searches a year, and models receive special discount codes. Do you have some high quality images of your dog in PPC gear? Email them to pacificpawsco@gmail.com for a chance to be featured on the website, Instagram, or Facebook pages!

How do I write a review for something I bought?

Go to the product you purchased in the shop menu, and on the product page, click "Write Review". It is toward the bottom right. A window should pop up (make sure you allow pop ups). Thank you for taking the time to review your purchases! We really appreciate it!

How do I order a puppy collar?

Select the collar you are interested in, and usually I recommend the 3/4" width. Some puppies are big though and you can get away with the 1" width! Also depends on the age. For a collar that is 3/4" width, you can enter 8-12", 9-14", or 10-15" in the neck size box. The 1" width collars are not as good for the small neck sizes, and I would recommend only selecting this option if their neck size is 10" or greater.