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Only the best for your best friend

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The waterproof collection features solid brass hardware, even the silver and black hardware colors are still brass. Brass is more resistant to corrosion than stainless steel, and is therefore a great option for dog gear. I don't compromise on quality, even for the screws and thread that hold the collar together.

The break-strength of the vegan leather, BioThane, is ranges from 200-1000+ lbs based on width. The 1" width has a break-strength of 1000 lbs. 

My eco-canvas and fabric collar options are coated in an eco-friendly, pet-friendly, waterproofing spray. While it doesn't make the fabric fully waterproof, it does help it resist staining and clean off easily. So don't be worried if your pet gets a bit dirty.

My shop specializes in custom gear. Every item can be customized for your pet's neck size, and most can be customized for width and color. I am working diligently to make sure I accommodate every pet, from 4lbs to 100+ lbs. I love custom requests. Please feel free to email me at
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About Us

I started this small business in December of 2017, the same year I adopted Nowda, my black and white rescue. I'm a perfectionist who loves to craft. My hobbies include photography and nature journaling. I have a graduate degree in Biology, and studied coral reefs. I am very passionate about the environment, so I try my best to be eco-friendly in my business endeavors.

I rebranded from Pacific Paws Co to Ethos Canine Outfitters to more accurately depict what I offer. Ethos is a Greek word meaning custom or character, and represents the guiding values that distinguish my shop. I strive to create durable long-lasting products that are vegan, shipped in eco-friendly packaging, and will have smaller impacts on the earth than less durable items. The custom meaning of ethos is also special because my specialty is custom-made items to your specifications. Further, as a marine biologist by training, the acronym, ECO, calls attention to my passion for the environment and my call to do what’s right by Mother Nature. 

My fabric products are coated with an eco-friendly adventure spray to help increase longevity and prevent staining. With multiple hardware choices, width options, colors, and fabrics, the opportunities for unique dog gear are endless. Have fun customizing!

My shop pups are Nowda and Finn. They can be seen modeling from time to time, and they help me put new products through the wringer ;)

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