This bandana is 6" high. The snaps are placed at 9-14, 11-15, 10-15" with 1" spacing.

RTS Small Dark Tribal Bandana

$15.00 Regular Price
$12.75Sale Price
  • All bandanas are custom made and will be somewhat adjustable. If your dog is growing please leave a note so I know to provide you with extra room! You can leave their current neck size, age, and breed estimate in the notes so I can cater to your pup. How to measure your pup’s neck size:
    Option 1: Measure your dog’s neck using a soft tape measure around the area you like the bandana to sit. 
    Option 2: Use a string if you do not have a soft tape measure, and measure the length of the string.
    Option 3: Use a collar that fits them well, unbuckle it and lay it flat, and measure the length from the female end of the buckle to the edge of the fabric (not the other buckle).
    In general, bandanas are approximately 8-10” longer than your dog’s neck size to provide ample space for tying. If you upgrade to a snap-on style, the bandana will be 2-3” longer than your dog’s neck size and have three snaps for an adjustable fit. For now, leave a note to upgrade to snaps, no upgrade listing or fee.


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